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Offset press

Our Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 5 from Germany is a state-of-the-art, full colour printer featuring an extra printing unit and coating tower. It’s the only one of its kind in the ACT.

This five-colour with inline coating printing press offers you many advantages:

  • quicker processing
  • faster drying and a better finish
  • an extra colour and inline aqueous varnish (matt and gloss finish) all in one pass through the press
  • a fifth metallic or PMS colour while still printing in four-colour process
  • perfecting function allowing jobs to be printed double sided in black or two PMS colours in the same print pass operation.

New Millennium Print upgraded its printing operations and installed this modern printing press to offer clients more design options, faster production turnaround and better value-for-money.

Digital printing

The Konica digital machine is designed for short-run, four-colour process work. It can handle print products from simple colour flyers to annual reports and catalogues.

Press options

  • 1 PMS colour or black—perfecting
  • 2 PMS colours—perfecting
  • 1 to 5 PMS colours plus aqueous varnish
  • 4 colour process
  • 4 colour process plus aqueous vanish
  • 4 colour process plus spot matt varnish plus spot gloss varnish
  • 4 colour process plus 1 PMS colour plus all-over aqueous varnish
  • 4 colour process overprinting metallic silver plus all-over aqueous varnish
  • perfecting function allowing jobs to be printed double sided in black or two PMS colours in the same print pass operation.

Aqueous varnish

Aqueous varnish is a liquid varnish made up of 96% water and 4% varnish pigment. It can only be used with a printing press with an independent varnishing unit designed for aqueous varnish. Once the varnish is applied to a printed sheet it is exposed to infrared light and a dry heat-drying unit sealing the printed sheet and enabling the print finishing process to occur quicker making for faster deliveries.

Being 96% water means aqueous varnish is an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional varnishes.

5th colour option

Our Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 5 offers the print buyer an option of using a fifth colour. The extra colour is an inexpensive way to enhance the design of your printed project with an eye-catching effect. It can be a fifth PMS colour, metallic colour or even a fluro colour.

Memorial Stationery

Organising bereavement booklets or brochures can be a stressful experience. New Millennium Print can take the stress away by talking you through the process and advise the different options you have regarding design and layout to make things as simple as possible... more information