New Millennium Print is a boutique, family-owned and operated business specialising in small to medium print runs (single to multi-colour).

Founded in 2000—the new millennium—we have remained at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving printing industry, providing the latest in production technology. Now, more than a decade later, our award-winning business is a strong, reputable industry player.

Owners Mark and Paul Delmenico head a team of fully-trained printing experts—some of the sharpest tradespeople in the industry.

Mark, Director of pre-press, is an award-winning operator who has worked in production for two decades, always keeping pace with the industry’s ever advancing computer technology. Mark’s reputation for detail is second to none. He strives to ensure all jobs, whether large or small, are produced to the highest possible standards.

Paul, Director of print and finishing, is backed by 17 years industry experience in both Canberra and Sydney. Paul, also an award-winning printer, has been at the top of his class since completing his trade certificate when he was presented with the Outstanding Apprentice of the Year Award.

With an exceptionally strong client focus, New Millennium Print goes that extra mile on every project.